Rock & Pop-Punk Logic Template
Rock & Pop-Punk Logic Template
Rock & Pop-Punk Logic Template

A recreation of Will Carlson’s go-to Logic Pro X mix template for the genres of Rock and Pop Punk.

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This product is a recreation of Will Carlson's go-to Logic Pro X mix template for the genres of Rock and Pop Punk, and has been crafted by multiple years of experience producing and mixing. This template is designed to take care of all the organization and tone searching for you, and let you focus on being as creative as possible. In this product you will have access to two Logic Pro X sessions (third-party plugin and stock plugin versions), a folder containing 4 one shot samples and 2 impact samples, a tutorial video walking you through the template, and stems to a song I produced for the band Jacketless, so you can see how the template works from start to finish.

What's included:

  • Two Logic Pro X Templates (third-party plugin and stock plugin versions)
  • Four .wav One Shot Samples (Kick, Kick Room, Snare, Snare Room), and Two .wav impact samples
  • Jacketless "Sad Boi Season" Stems
  • Tutorial Video (4K)

Third Party Plugin Requirements:

  • Steven Slate Subscription
  • Steven Slate Trigger FREE
  • Neural DSP Nolly or STL Tones Will Putney and Howard Benson (Preferred Neural DSP)
  • Get Good Drums Modern and Massive
  • Neural DSP Parallax (Optional)
  • Kazrog True Iron (Optional)

Additional Information:

  • File Download Size: 6.6GB